New Color Tuesday-Introducing Premo Mint - Pt 1.  Color swatches of 18k Gold, Navy Blue and Peacock Pearl with Mint

I was really excited to mix with this new Premo Mint color because I wasn't quite sure what it would do in mixes. Was it going to act like a light neutral and just lighten the colors? Was it going to act like a light grey and lighten and neutralize the colors slightly? Was it going to create a green tint to the mix? The short answer: YES! Yes to all those questions. Clearly it acted as a light neutral for the Peacock Pearl. Clearly it acted as a light grey neutral with the Navy Blue. Clearly it acted as as a green tint for the 18k Gold.

#1 I love these three mixes together - great pops of color that won't seem garish in a white or grey walled room. I also really like them for earrings and/or other jewelry. I can't imagine a skin tone/hair color that they wouldn't complement.

#2 Oh, I love this different take on a blue color palette! Rich blues with a pop of 18K.

#3 Oh this palette will help cool off a hot Summer day! Great poolside colors too.

xoxo, syn