Now I am the first one to admit (scream from the rooftops actually) that I am NOT a fan of PINK. But as a redhead, I *could* wear Mauve. But I struggled a bit with what to wear it with - Ivory? Black? Bluejeans? So I KNEW this month was going to be a challenge for me! I purposely tried to choose colors that I necessarily pair together to see what kinds of mixes I got as I took this new color through its "color-mixing paces." I really kind of like all three of these mixes too! That Gold/Mauve mix is a really nice warm rose gold!

#1 I never would have thought about these three colors together, but they are warm and fun together!

#2 I like how the Bright Green Pearl (BGP) brings the warmth to this palette in an unexpected way. GREAT Spring palette!

#3 This is my favorite palette. It somehow manages to be soothing and warm at the same time, like a nice fuzzy blanket. Sophisticated but a little boho at the same time. GREAT earring colors..

xoxo, syn