I can't get over how much I love this Raspberry color! It's an interesting mixer color for sure! But I really love it on it's own, especially with Igloo - such a clean, crisp combo!

#1 That Shamrock 2:1 with Raspberry is an interesting green that reminds me of Premo Jungle. I love it with the peachy color of the Canary 2:1 with Raspberry. (I see I used this combo in all the sub-palettes!)

#2 That Silver 2:1 with the Raspberry looks like a yummy wine color. I used the Canary 2:1 with Raspberry as a pop of warmth with these two colors.

#3 Look how that Silver 2:1 with Raspberry all of a sudden takes on a warmer tone when it is put in a palette with two warm tones!

xoxo, syn