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New Color Tuesday! I Got the Blues Pt 3

NCTAug1_4Its really hot here right now, especially in my Deluxe Designer Studio (that's SoCal speak for a garage).  So I'm wondering if that's why I decided to delve into the cool blues this month - they remind me of the cool water in the pool when we swim 3 times a week.  Anyway, I thought I would get even cooler this week by adding Premo! Accents Silver to my 3 Souffle Blues and I wasn't disappointed!

I really like that 8RE/1S mix the best of the Robin Egg mixes, although that cool blue/grey 1:1 mix could have it's uses-maybe in a industrial/steampunk project as a counter to a warm bronze or copper?

I really like both the Lagoon mixes and of course, I love the Sea Glass mixes.  I've found myself reaching more for these blue colors in my other projects this month, which was exactly my intention. Beat the color rut! Pick up that unused color in the corner of your clay box and USE IT!


As always,all the NCT color mixes are at:

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[caption id="attachment_26593" align="alignleft" width="300"]How could I NOT love the blues? I seem them everyday. Look at all the blues in this photo. How could I NOT love the blues? I seem them everyday. Look at all the blues in this photo.[/caption]