Dec 3Well, hey!  This jolly old Premo! Green is proving to be a very interesting color.  I thought I would do a mix with Premo! White to see how "minty" it would become, since there are so many mint colored textiles appearing on the Spring fashion runways. I thin that each of these versions is a very nice color on it's own.  I really like the 8W/1G mix.


So since I'm never one to leave well enough alone, let's add some Turquoise into the mix and Wow!  Some gorgeous colors! The one with the little square looks to be an exact match to Pantone's Spring 2015 Lucite Green. The final mix is also one of my favorites.  So what color would you use with these?  I'm thinking that Premo! Blush would be cool. Of course, Ecru would be a classy combo.  Oh! How about Rhino Grey with a splash of Orange in the design somewhere?Pantone Lucite Green 14-5714 Color Report Spring 2015

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Why not cut out this little logo and post it on your fridge as part of your holiday Wish List?  My sons are hopeless at figuring out what to get me and this is a quick and easy gift for them.  They don’t even have to go to the mall (which is a double bonus for them!)

Don’t forget that I’m one of the 22 teachers in the Polymer Clay Adventure and I'm the first class!