Personally, I don't feel you can ever go wrong with Latte - both the drink and the Souffle clay.  It's neutral with a bit of a casual attitude - sort of a "I'm so cool I can either be the star of the show or just lay back here and be cool". I know that sounds like I need more human friends in my life so I don't give character to my clay colors, but HEY, it's me.  When I was little I could totally entertain myself with two rocks and a twig - all of whom had totally cool characters and lives.

OCT2017-4Anyway, I digress (as usual).  So what happens when you mix two of these casual attitude colors together?  First thing I notice is how green the Latte looks next to the Guava.  Then I try to pick a favorite of the mixes, but I almost can't until I realize that last mix, 2L/1G, looks just like the color of my Dad's chocolate malts he used to make.  SOLD. That's my favorite!  That's a warm color that would imbue it's warmth to any other color paired with it. That mix makes the regular Latte look both greenish and greyish, doesn't it?  Oh, that last mix with a soft orange (Canary and Mai Tai) and a pop of Pistachio, maybe a hint of a lavender, would be both fresh and peaceful. Speaking of Pistachio, check out the mix with Guava 1:1 - that's another beige with attitude isn't it?