Well, well, well. I'm finally home from my most recent wanderings.  I spent a wonderful couple of days at my home clay guild retreat, Sandy Camp, and then another couple of days up in North County with my brother and his family.

I have a "Rule" that I enforce with myself that before I unpack from a clay trip, that I clean my work space first.  In this case, I literally brought anything I thought I would use or my friend, Jen, from Sculpey would use.  (Of course, in ClaySpeak "use" means "want", right?)  So I have to catch up on my emails and blogs and then get right out there to dig it out so I can unpack.  I leave again at the end of the month for the PCA live retreat, where I will be substitute teaching.

oct2017-2Enough blathering, onto the NCT for this week.  Souffle Guava and Turnip.....I'm not a fan of pink or anything remotely pink, but I kind of like these colors.  That 2G/1T looked familiar to me and I finally realized that it is the color of the raspberry sorbet in the Dove snack size bars.  Maybe it's the 1:1 color actually.   Hmmm, I may have to go buy some so I can do a true color check, right? LOL

I want to do a Mokume Gane stack of that 1:1 with a mix of Guava/Canary (soft orange) and maybe Latte?  Pistachio would be awesome as well..

That's it, I've got to go do my clean up and unpack and get my assignments done so I can play!

As always, our  NCT color mix archive  can be found at: https://www.sculpey.com/project/mixing-colors/