oct2017-1My Souffle stash was feeling a little neglected, so I decided to do some Souffle mixes this month featuring Guava.  Once again, a color that wasn't really thrilling to me became kind of a star of classy, subtle mixes. Like these three mixes with Souffle Cinnamon - all three mixes are subtle but classy mixes.  ALL of them would look great with gold silkscreens on them.  I am not a sculptor, but they also seem to be straying into some nice flesh tones as well.  I think that all the mixes would look great with the Souffle Bluestone (if you know me, you know I think EVERYTHING looks great with Bluestone!) and Sage for a lovely natural look.  In fact, I think I'm going to try that combo at Sandy Camp this week!

Speaking of Sandy Camp, I've packed just about everything I think I could possibly use and my clay table is STILL piled with stuff.  I like this though, because when I come home, I'll clean the table up before I unpack.  That is my method now apparently.  I've been working nearly non-stop for a couple of weeks on some projects for Sculpey and 4 more TV segments. So the normally messy workroom is just awful right now.  But I'm organized in my own fashion, so it works for me.

As always, our  NCT color mix archive  can be found at: https://www.sculpey.com/project/mixing-colors/

xoxo, syn