Premo Accents Copper (one of my favs) is mixed 1:1 with 3 of my favorite Souffle clay colors to create one of my most favorite color palettes EVER! In face, I've created 4 necklaces and a bracelet already with this palette and I want to make more. The 3 1:1 mixes invoke a kind of mid-century feel to me and they all have that lovely quiet shimmer from the metallics in the copper. Every single one of these mixes shocked me in how dramatically they changed their base colors. I really didn't think my darling Copper had that much strength, but it appears to be a super mixer!

To the sub-palettes:

#1 Probably my favorite palette of the year - I've remixed it 3 times to use it. Classic mid-century colors that are both subtle and bold.

#2 Once I get over mix #1, this mix will be next on my worktable!

#3 No, I take it back, THIS mix will be next. LOL.. I have a need for something with blues and red type colors and THIS might be just what I need - it's still got that hint of mid-century that I love but it's not the classic red, white and blue.

So what have I made?

Using the first sub palette above and the new Sculpey Irregular Triangle cutters. I baked them like this and then glued the gold-toned color to the back of the bead.
I made this design in two lengths to be layered together
Well of course I had to have a bracelet!!

xoxo, syn