Now, if you know me, you know that I'm allergic to pink, right? I'm a redhead - my mom NEVER let me wear pink or red. But I like this Souffle Guava. It's got such a nice warm pink - more of a cocktail pink- grownup pink? Let me show you, starting with some Souffle mixes. I'm kind of obsessed with the Robin Egg/Guava 1:1 mix. It's not a purple, it's not a grey... it's a MAUVE!! I'm going back to this color in a project because it's just cool. And, of course, I love the Canary/Guava 1:1 mix - anything golden is on my clay dance card! To the sub palettes

#1 This palette is like taking a deep breath for me, calming...

#2 I think I would like anything put with that Robin Egg/Guava Mauve color! I don't often work in purples, but I really like this palette - it feels grownup and sophisticated to me.

#3 I'm all about color and this palette has it in spades. I love the way the Grape/Guava and the Canary/Guava play off each other.

xoxo, syn