Yeah, I am LOVING this month's NCT mixes! I know I'm going to get amazing (often shocking) mixes when I mix with Souffle Pistachio, but little did I know it could stand so strong with the bolder colors in the Souffle palette. And OF COURSE, check the amazing golden color Pistachio and Guava create!

To the sub-palettes:

#1 ANOTHER favorite palette for this year for me! I really need to create something in these colors. I also need an ombre yarn in these colors - great colors for the baby blankets I like to knit!

#2 Ohhh! I love these colors as well! That pop of Pistachio really adds punch doesn't it?

#3 A Cornflower and the Cornflower/Pistachio together is really a calming palette. But then, you know me, I have to add a pop of brightness to it with the Pistachio. LOL

xoxo, syn