[caption id="attachment_22100" align="alignleft" width="300"]Left is Graphite Pearl/Purple Pearl bezel. Right is Graphite Pearl/Souffle Latte bezel Left is Graphite Pearl/Purple Pearl bezel. Right is Graphite Pearl/Souffle Latte bezel[/caption]

First, in case you missed it in the comments, I made a couple of pendants using the Graphite Pearl/Purple Pearl mix from last week as well as a Graphite Pearl/Souffle Latte mix. I really, really like the look of these!  Who says we have to be limited to metallics or black for a bezel?  The Purple Pearl bezel is 4 parts of Purple Pearl to 1 part of Graphite Pearl. The texture is the ConTact paper I was so happy to find again. The inset is Souffle Mai Tai and Sculpey III Teal Pearl (Look - Premo! Souffle and S3 all playing nicely together!)   The Latte bezel is 3 parts Souffle Latte to 1 part of Graphite Pearl.  The mokume gane mix was Graphite Pearl, Souffle Igloo and Souffle Pumpkin

Nov 2015-3aOur last mix for this month gave me a little surprise.  I thought if I mixed Premo! Turquoise with Graphite Pearl I would get a pretty blue metal look.  I did, but the 1:1 mix also gives a nice steel look (bring on the Blue Steel comments!)


[caption id="attachment_22102" align="alignleft" width="300"]Nove 2015-4 Working with any of the top row of colors? Consider the bottom row for your bezel![/caption]

And finally, I wanted to show you how beautiful several of these mixes looked together and , of course, now they are my bezel guides as well.  4:1 seems to be the mix choice for the bezel.


As always, all the mixes are available on one page at: https://www.sculpey.com/wp/project/mixing-colors/

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