Now I have to clarify something. I found a frozen turkey breast in the freezer and cooked it - which *may* have influenced this palette a little. Aren't these lovely late Summer/Autumn colors?

#1 These 2:1 mixes just whisper memories of sunshine and summer fun to me. No, it isn't just confinement - my clay talks to me a lot - doesn't yours?

#2 I like the way the Jade/Cinnamon mix fits with the two other colors without shouting GREEN! I think that the addition of the Cinnamon warms it to a richer tone.

#3 I'm a sucker for warm, rich palettes like this one. The Mandarin/Cinnamon mix is really a nice mix - it provides a muted orange that still has a voice and isn't straying into the boring. (see I'm still talking with my clay)

Before I go, I wanted to share a remix I did of some of these colors this month - showing just the green/blues. I love the mixes with the Cinnamon - they create some super interesting neutrals.

xoxo, syn