Oct 2015-3I think I have had more fun mixing oranges this month than any other month of mixes.  Orange is such a happy color for me - it reminds me of the sunsets that I love to photograph. And I didn't forget my original quest for a ginger color.  I decided to see what Souffle colors could give me in orange and I love every one of these color mixes, particularly the 2S8/1C.  I also like the softness of the 1:1 mix - an orange doesn't have to be bright and bold.
Since I was still on the lookout for the perfect ginger mix, I added some Premo! Pearl to the middle mix.  To me, ginger (the food) has a slight shimmer in it.  I absolutely love these two mixes.  Now I wish I had done a mix with 3 parts of Pearl - I think that would have been my favorite!


[caption id="attachment_21768" align="alignleft" width="300"]Soft oranges of the sunset are my favorites Soft oranges of the sunset are my favorites[/caption]


While I'm wrapping up the orange mixes, I do have one more orange mix for you that will start us off on for November - I'm mixing Orange with Graphite Pearl!  Yeah, that's right Orange and Graphite Pearl - you won't believe the colors!  I thought it would be interesting to see what happened when I mixed bolder colors (and some not so bold) with the Graphite and the results are pretty cool!

Have you checked the Color Mixr for Polymer Clay app yet?  One of my San Diego guild members, Nancy Ulrich, has created a color mixing app for polymer clay!  That’s right – see an interesting color palette on someone’s shirt? Open the app, snap a pic and select the palette colors and it will tell you how to mix it in either Premo! or Fimo.  I snapped a pic of my computer screen and made a palette for some of my oranges for next week.  The app is called “Color Mixr for Polymer Clay” (that’s not a typo, the “e” is missing in Mixer).  You need to type the entire title.  For more information on the app: http://www.polymerclayer.com/colormixr.html.  It’s amazing!  I hope to be able to pull palettes for some of the colors I mix to help give you an idea of what colors to use with my mixes using this app.

And one more thing – the Polymer Clay Adventure 2016 roster has been announced – join 24 amazing teachers, artists from all over the world and ME!  I’m teaching again as well. Get more information here: http://bit.ly/syndeeholt2016.  “Accidentally” send this link to your family with a title like, “On my Wish List” and MAYBE one of them will get the brilliant idea for a holiday gift! But seriously, $99 for 24 classes, available when you want them? That’s like $4 a class! This year we had over 1000 artists members from all over the world participating, and next year is on track to be even better..