Wow! An All-Premo mix card for me - that is rare, given my addiction to Souffle! Premo Gold and Copper are two of my favorite Premo mix colors and Wasabi is definitely my favorite Premo Wild Card mixer! And it didn't disappoint this time - instead it yielded a VERY close version of my beloved terracotta colors. The 2:1 mix is only slightly redder than my Souffle Cinnamon, so possibly a 3:2 Wasabi/Fuchsia would be a perfect match? (I still have both the Cinnamon and this 2:1 mix chip next to my computer right now!) Okay, the sub-palettes:

#1 Oh yes, please! The richness of this palette is glorious - and it still feels earthy at the same time?

#2 It's the whole family together and it's one of the most visually interesting palettes I've seen in a long time. My eyes want to travel all over it constantly.

#3 Ohh, what a different version of a Fall palette. It's very elegant and would be a great bracelet...(makes note to do this ASAP).

xoxo, syn