April 5So let's talk about the golds.  Again, we did a little of this mixing for the Moroccan sets, but this time I'm punching it up with Premo! Accents Yellow Fluorescent.  Even though I love the richness of the color mixes with just the Cad Yellow (CY) and the Raw Sienna (RS), I really like the little punch of brightness that the Yellow Fluorescent (YF) brings. That last mix with the 16CY/16YF/1RS looks a little like Key Lime doesn't it?  That color the Peacock Pearl or Turquoise would be outstanding!  OH, OH, Turq, Orange and that color..or Turq, Raw Sienna and that color... or how about teamed with the new Premo! Wisteria?  Too many choices and not enough clay hours!  ARGH!!!!


Check out all the New Color Tuesday mixes on one page at:  https://www.sculpey.com/wp/project/mixing-colors/

It’s also not too late to join the biggest thing in polymer clay this year, the Polymer Clay Adventure – 22 teachers, over 900 participants. Enjoy and contribute anytime you wish (or can), the community is quite active on our discussion boards.  Get all the info here: http://bit.ly/PCAsyndeeholt2015