So when I decided to mix Premo! Fluorescent Pink with Premo! Accent Purple Pearl, I knew that I would get some sparkly fuchsia to purples, but I didn't expect the RANGE of colors it gave me!May 4 I got a lovely violet with the 1:1 mix, a bold purple with the 1:2 mix and a metallic fuchsia (I'm not even sure that those two words should go together without fireworks) with a 3:1 mix!   After a month of mixes with the "dreaded pink" I have a new-found respect for Fluorescent Pink.  I totally thought it was like the big brassy woman who wearing Fluorescent Pink lipstick and tons of perfume and it would just overwhelm anything that came near it. Instead it give me a range of colors from nice muted colors to bolder colors.  I think I"m going to keep it around my work table a little longer! Next month it's a team showdown! Check out these beautiful scraps from the June month of mixes... june gold mix before