This weeks color mix is a little different.  As you know, my "Rule" (made up entirely by me)  is that I pick a color to mix for the May 5 month and I can only mix that color with one other color that I find on my table that week.  (Actually, if you saw my table, you would see that this is a very open rule because, well, the table is a mess and just about EVERY color is represented on there, so this isn't much of a stretch.)  Now that I've reminded you of the Rule, I'm going to tell you that I kind of broke it this week... You see, I spied Premo! Bronze and Premo! Gold (both are like permanent residents of the table) and thought it would be interesting to see what Fluorescent Pink would do with them (I'm not a "pink person", so I'm actually surprised at every combination I make with it having never actually thought before about Pink, except to hate on it).  It was so interesting that I found a little nugget of Premo! Silver in my Open Package Filing System (normally just called a pile) and tried that too.  I liked them all, so I thought I would present them all to you in one week.  Here is what happens when Fluorescent Pink goes metal!


Next week, I kind of break the rule AGAIN when Sunshine and Wasabi go head to head in the Pink mix.