AUG2017-2I was so intrigued with the 3 part mixes I did last week using premo! Sculpey Accents Peacock Pearl, Copper  with 18K Gold that I thought I would start with just mixing the Peacock and 18k together to see what happened.  They all mix to a lovely shade of green - that was no surprise.  But the surprise came when I mixed Copper into the last mix.  Is it me or does the Copper add a larger mica to the mix?  The first first 3 mixes all look like smooth metal and the final mix with the Copper has larger bits reflecting from it!

The final two mixes look like the Lime Green and Avocado Green (in metallic looks) from the 60s right?  I love them!  I'm also pretty sure I've had every single one of these colors (or similar) as nail polish at one time or another - including the Peacock!  All of these color would be a great compliment to Purple Pearl or Bronze!

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I'm getting ready to pack up to go to Synergy 4.  I've changed my powerpoint presentation about 16 times. Everytime I practice it, I change it!  I've got to remember to pack my stuff for demo as well.. Of course, I start by packing the clay stuff, then I decided what clay jewelry I want to wear and THEN figure out the clothing to go with the jewelry.  Priorities right? lol


xoxo, syndee