I managed to keep these mixes until the end - usually I would blather them right at the front of the month because I am so excited about them! This week I've mixed premo! Black into the premo! Accents Glitter Golds.  And they are gorgeous!  I've already got another favorite mix for the year and I even mixed a large batch and created some work with it.

First up, Yellow Gold Glitter mixed with B lack (according to my typo). Wow, any of these mixes would make some fancy looking coasters for a dining table setting wouldn't they?  Or that 1:1 mix on a black lacquered table?

Next we have the White Gold Glitter.
Again, all really pretty mixes - I like how the 16:1 mix tones down the lightness of the White Gold.

And, FINALLY, my favorite.  The Rose Gold Glitter mix with Black.  I haven't used the Rose Gold Glitter too much because of the pinkish tone of it (I do NOT do pink). But the Black added to it makes it look like a rich caramel color and really highlights the sparkles in it. NOW I love the coppery feb2017-5bsparkles against the darker field of color!
And here is one of the pendants that I created using the 8:1 Rose Gold Glitter mix!  This is a transfer on the surface of the clay.  The Black back piece is a negative stamp of the same transfer image. This image gives you a much better look at what the color actually is.  It was so hard to photograph the mixes because of the reflective properties of the Glitter Golds.

As always, the NCT color mix archive can be found at: https://www.sculpey.com/project/mixing-colors/ I’ve been doing some organizing on that page as well, so that you can find each month more easily. I update at the end of each month.

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week 4 pendant