feb2017-4bI am not big on cool colors, but I DO see the need for them, so this week I'm presenting you with two cool color mixes: First up, premo! Cobalt Blue and premo! Black.  Okay, I can't pick a favorite - I find all four of these mixes to be much more interesting than just the out of the package Cobalt Blue.

Again, I can envision golds with the 1:1 and 2:1 mixes, even the 8:1 mix.  Ohhh, Coppers would be glorious with them as well!  I love me some Copper Pearl Ex or Lumiere! All of these colors would be interesting in combination with any of the previous two weeks mixes - the acid greens of week 1 or the rich warm browns of week 2. Ohh, really interesting combinations that I'm going to have to experiment with a little more.


feb2017-4aSo I thought that premo! Purple is far too rich and dark a color to try to mix with Black, so I "voluntold" my Wisteria that it was a worthy stand in.  And once again, some really interesting colors!  Seriously, how can the addition of BLACK create such interesting colors?  I seriously feel like there is a story behind every one of this months mixes - like I want to hear about the places they have traveled and the adventures they have had.  That 4:1 mix here would be incredible with a platinum silver (you know that is a mix of premo! Accents Silver and Pearl, right?)  or even White Gold Glitter.  That 8:1 mix with premo! Accents Graphite Pearl would be amazing as well.  Maybe creating a spring-time palette that doesn't scream pastels (I seriously typed "reek" there instead of scream.  NOT a pastel person apparently!)


feb2017-allOkay, want to see all these colors in a color wheel?  I want to show you how the palettes can work together. Those are the original colors on the outside of the wheel and the 8:1 mixes on the inside of the wheel.  I get a seriously retro vibe from those 8:1 mixes together (that I love!). I kept trying to drop the 8:1 Pomegranate mix out of this wheel, but it somehow needed that color to balance it.

As always, the NCT color mix archive can be found at: https://www.sculpey.com/project/mixing-colors/ I’ve been doing some organizing on that page as well, so that you can find each month more easily. I update at the end of each month.

So what is left for next week?  Some seriously intense colors that I can no longer live without.  For the first time in a loooong time, I actually mixed larger batches of some of these colors and bagged them.  And then I took them out of their neat little bags and used them allll up! LOL

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xoxo, syn