Mar2018 NCT-1I'm attempting to wean myself off Souffle Cinnamon and I decided to explore Souffle Robin Egg a little more.  It always seems to surprise me when I add it to a color palette or mix it with other colors.  As you can see, I'm not quite weaned off my precious Cinnamon, it makes an appearance in this weeks starter palette, along with Guava- which is another interesting color that is almost a neutral color.  I decided to do a little mixing with some Premo Accents Gold to see what would happen.  Even though that Robin Egg is a lighter version of blue, it still created a pretty strong greenish color when mixed with the Premo Gold.  Almost a brass color? And LOOK at the Guava/Gold mix! That is a gorgeous rich golden color. And finally, of course my Cinnamon came through with a beautiful semi-new penny copper color!

Warm Gold Colors for Spring

So let's look at some of the sub-palettes.  I've added the names to these palettes in case you want to copy/paste them into your own files. The Robin Egg-Guava-Robbin Egg/Gold 1:1 palette is a different kind of Spring palette that I quite like! That 1:1 mix grounds the other to more "airy" colors, I think. And speaking of grounding - how about that Robin Egg-Cinnamon-Robin Egg/Gold sub palette? Sort of a Spring version of a Southwest palette- or a retro 50s kind of palette (which I adore). didn't we all have at least one refrigerator in one of these colors?   And that final sub-palette of Cinnamon-Guava-Guava/Gold is luscious- I would use this as a palette in my bathroom in a heartbeat! And this palette for jewelry, worn with a dress the color of the Robin Egg? WOW!

As always, my  NCT color mix archive  can be found at:   xoxo, syn