Mar2018 NCT-2


Look Ma! No Cinnamon! LOL  I've moved the Premo Gold into the Main Mix Three, along with Guava and our Robin Egg. I've added Souffle Canary as our Mix Agent this week. And I got some surprises in the 1:1 mixes.  First, Canary and Robin Egg make a killer green that is not quite as bright as Pistachio in a palette. I DO love my greens... Then the real surprise - look at the beautiful Maize color Guava and Canary made!  I was expecting a little more orange-type color, but this is a really beautiful deep yellow.  IF you want a gold color in the Souffle mixes without having to use straight Premo Gold - look at the Premo Accents Gold and Canary mix.  It's a gold without too much of the sparkle, so it would maintain that soft suede like look of the Souffle for you.

Let's look at some of the sub-palettes I created for you. I clone the actual images from the master mix page to these sub-mix pages in Photoshop, so you don't have to squint and hold your hand up to block some of the other colors to see them in the original image.

These  three sub-palettes are definitely giving us some Spring-like colors that aren't too typical Spring. I can imagine Robin Egg-Guava-Robin Egg/Canary sub palette used as throw pillows on an off white (or grey!) couch.  they would look dynamite against an off white or grey dress as well! Team it with a white blouse and you are all-in for Spring! My favorite, of course, is the Robin Egg-Guava/Canary-Robin Egg/Canary sub palette.  It's bright and airy and feels like I'm in a garden. That final palette of Robin Egg-Guava-Guava/Canary kind of fascinates me.  I can't categorize it, but I sure would like a bracelet set in those colors!

As always, my  NCT color mix archive  can be found at:   xoxo, syn