This is possibly my most favorite mix for the year! That BGP/Souffle Cinnamon mix is such a gorgeous deep golden color with a beautiful shimmer. And the BGP/Souffle Latte? It makes my mid-century modern brain so happy. I got a little carried away with my scraps and I'll show you later what I made with them - with a little surprise too! First, the sub palettes.

#1 These colors calm me without making me chilly. Earthy right?

#2 I want a kitchen in these colors! A fridge in the BGP/Latte mix, stove in the Latte and coffee maker in the Cinnamon.

#3 I wear these 3 colors often now that I have "antique red" hair color. These look killer as beads or stripes. And speaking of stripes...

These stripes are made with mixes of the BGP/Souffle Cinnamon (2:1) for the darker stripe and BGP/ Souffle Mandarin (2:1) for the lighter stripe. See the mica shift happening as well?

This is the BGP/Souffle Mandarin mix that has been stamped and shaved for mica shift. The sheet is absolutely flat! So Souffle can be mixed with the mica clays to create a totally different color palette and still shifted! I would recommend keeping the mica clay proportion at least 2:1.

This is a pendant I created with the stripes from above, mounted in the NEW bezel molds. Yep, my favorite palette so far!