I admit it, I have FUN mixing Souffle colors with the Premo Pearls because I NEVER know what it is going to produce. I mean Purple Pearl and Latte produced a deep gold color! WHAAAT? Latte is a color super hero like Robin Egg and Pistachio - it more than holds its own against the darker colors. And as always, I love the shimmer that the mica produces as its spread across the Souffle.

To the sub-palettes!

#1 This is an interesting combination that I would like to explore more. Its like a warm palette with a dash of cool in it for those of us who love warm colors but like a little surprise in there.

#2 I still cannot get over the Latte/Purple Pearl mix! This is a Fall palette for sure!

#3 I like these mixes together. Sort of a wine palette with the gold hint from the label. I gotta try transferring on that Latte/ Purple Pearl mix.

Next week is my favorite palette of the year so far!

xoxo, syn