The last NCT Mix for the year this week. (Next month I get to pick my 4 favorites from the year!) This weeks mix helped me solve a little clay riddle - I love Shamrock and Sea Glass together, but what other colors can I use in the mix?

#1 Yay! Look at how well Concrete plays with my two wild kids, Shamrock and Sea Glass. It's not as stark (or crisp) as Igloo and it maintains the soft flow of this color combo.

#2 Well, I love Premo Accents Copper with ANYTHING, so this isn't quite fair. I like the POP it adds to the more soothing colors. (Grey Granite and Copper are my current favs together).

#3 If #1 is the soothing palette, #3 is the ultra-soothing palette. What a great palette for a bedroom or perhaps on a frame for that gorgeous vacation photo you took last Summer?

Everyone please have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! Our Thanksgiving plans have dissolved with the weather forecast of 8 inches of snow (!) in our local mountains where we traditionally go to a lodge for our Thanksgiving feast. I have one pair of kids bicycling through Cambodia for the holiday and the other pair will now be sharing their first Thanksgiving as a married couple together. So, since our weather will be equally nasty here at the beach, I'm having take-out Chinese with my neighbors! (I've already cooked and eaten 2 turkey breasts, so I'm good on that).

xoxo, syn