I'm highlighting mixing with Souffle Concrete this month. I'll admit it, Concrete was a forgotten color in my clay cabinet - but what a great subtle mixer it is! I thought that mixing with some seasonal colors this week would be appropriate and they are all gorgeous! That ENTIRE palette looks wonderful together! I love the little pop of metallic with the Premo Accents Copper as well. Also, if you are attracted to the new vibrant Souffle colors of Bluestone, Mandarin, Raspberry and Shamrock (even original colors like Pistachio) - but a little afraid of all that boldness, consider a mix with a little Concrete to tone down the "volume", so to speak, without losing the actual color tone.

#1 Pistachio adds the pop to this calming palette. I love the two mixed colors together and I'm thinking just a little tiny pop of Pistachio would be perfect!

#2 Again, two subdued colors with a pop of strong color. I'm getting a 69s vibe from this palette!

#3 Compare this palette with #1. The only difference is the vibrancy of the Mandarin. I get a totally different feel from these two palettes- and I like them BOTH!

xoxo, syn