APR NCT 2017-3BNow you KNOW that mixing Souffle Latte into pretty much any color is going to be interesting (hmmm, so interesting that I think I just found my mix color for next month!). And mixing it with premo! Accents Gray Granite is going to make a pretty killer granite, very similar to what we see in our local mountains/desert regions. (Fun fact:  While I live at the beach, I'm 1-1/2 hours from mountains and 2 hours from the desert.  Some Winter days I can literally stand at the top of the beach access and turn around and see snow on the coastal mountains.)

Anyway, I digress (as usual) - ALL of these mixes are winners in my book.  Know what I would use them for?  Covering knobs would be my first thought.  Those roundish ceramic knobs are really easy to cover and these mixes would create a great faux stone look to the knob.  The amount of Latte mixed in would depend on the cabinet color (or the color of you countertop in the kitchen).   The half mixed sample on the end would be a great light switch cover wouldn't it?

Now that the Sculpey website refresh is completed, I will update our  NCT color mix archive that can be found at: https://www.sculpey.com/project/mixing-colors/

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xoxo, syndee