Souffle Cinnamon - I love the color by itself, but I'm finding that it's an excellent mix color as well.  For instance, want a soft maize yellow? Mix 2 parts Canary and 1 part Cinnamon. But I'm ALREADY digressing..

feb2018 NCT-1I'm using Cinnamon as my "base color" this month in our trio mixes this month.  So let's get to it! This month I'm teaming up Souffle Cinnamon, Canary and Sea Glass - which is a dynamite combo anyway.  So let's add Latte to the mix (Latte goes with everything!) and see what happens.  I purposely but Canary in this mix trio to remind you all that Canary and Latte mixed 1:1 creates the old Key Lime color!  And that Cinnamon 1:1 , Canary 1:1 and Latte together are a really nice warm combo.  In fact, all three of those 1:1's with the Latte create a really nice palette.  Great colors for a kitchen (coasters? decorated jars?)

I also really like that combo of Canary, Sea Glass and Latte - that's a bright, beachy, palette for sure! Sub the 1:1 Canary mix in for the Canary so that it's Cinnamon, Canary 1:1, and Latte and it's a desert palette.  Use the 1:1 mixes with the Latte for a mountain palette.

I'm telling ya, Cinnamon is my new Black, my new neutral!  Se you all Thursday evening for my FB Live event!  My Souffle Circus continues with some can't miss new stuff!!!

xoxo, syn


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