Winter decided to visit us in February after a spectacularly glorious January of 75 degrees, cool breezes, sleep weather nights.. It was actually colder when I got home here to SoCal than it was in New Jersey at the Clayathon!

feb2018 NCT-4My new format here for the NCT is still evolving and you will notice that I'm now labeling those sub palettes I pull out - just in case anyone is clipping and saving them!  It's kind of my favorite part- creating those sub-palettes.  Instead of just imagining them, I am actually creating them with cloned versions from the original photo.

Anyway, you will see that Cinnamon is still my star (although Jade is now sneaking into my orbit a little more each time I'm at the clay table!) I really like thepallet that you see with the 1:1 mixes in the bottom line of the master here.  It's different, it's earthy, it's got attitude.  That Cinnamon/Pistachio 1:1 is a neat color - kind of a bolder neutral than Premo Ecru or Souffle Latte.

Crazy stuff happens when you mix with Pistachio - I NEVER know what I'll get! Check out the first sub-pallete - Cinnamon, Jade and Cinnamon/Pistachio 1:1. Virtually any other of the colors could sub in for the Jade with these two other colors paired up!

That Cinnamon-Robin Egg-Jade/Pistachio is an interesting sub-palette with the Cinnamon warmth balancing the two cool colors.  Nice colors for a study or an office don't you think?

And the Robin Egg-Pistachio-Robin Egg/Pistachio 1:1 mix is just a happy Spring palette. Looking for neutral baby colors? This is it! Julie Eakes could use these colors for her grandbaby arriving this Spring. (I've never seen a more EXCITED grandmother)

I've got the March NCTs all completed and Robin Egg will be my base color (yes, Cinnamon makes a few appearances!)

As always, my  NCT color mix archive  can be found at:   xoxo, syn

feb2018 NCT-4afeb2018 NCT-4b feb2018 NCT-4c