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New Color Tuesday! Cinnamon Mixes Pt 4

Jun NCT 3aOh yeah...let's get to the metallic mixes.  I was curious to see how the Souffle Cinnamon would affect the Premo! Metallics.  I really, really like how the metallics seem to "break up" when mixed with the Souffle, allowing the individual flakes to show.  And I love every one of these color mixes.  Antique Gold seems to have a cool green cast to it, so the Cinnamon counters that and brings a warmer tone to it, without losing that darker gold effect.

So, of course, I had to mix it with one of the Glitter Golds, right? Again, the Souffle texture scatters the metallics in a really cool way.  the 2YG/1C you can actually see the golden metallic flakes in the Cinnamon colored background!  That mix is gonna have a use somewhere down the line for me!

As always,all the NCT color mixes are at:

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Jun NCT 4