I have nicknamed this month "Missing May" - WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO MAY? I blinked and it's almost gone... So before I go out to the garage, er, my Deluxe Designer Studio in my "attached She Shed" to start my June NCT I figured I better drop my last NCT for May.

Pistachio is an interesting color that always reacts in ways I don't expect, so naturally, I really like it! It mixes very similar to Canary, but with just a little more POP.

Let's look at those sub-palettes!

#1 I really like that Raspberry with the Mandarin/Pistachio 1:1 (which is my favorite!) and the Pistachio adds a great pop to the palette

#2 Ohhh, lovely rich colors! That Mandarin/Pistachio mix makes the Grape look like it's an ochered color as well.

#3 YES! I love these 3 mixes together! I really, really want to do some work with these three mixes. In fact, I'm gonna go now and see what I can cook up, after I get my June NCT homework done! LOL

xoxo, syn