I decided I wanted to see how these vibrant new colors play with Souffle Igloo to create pastel. Again, I was surprised that they reacted like any other color (don't ask my WHY I think it would be different - no idea!) And I really liked the addition of the Igloo to the original color palette as well as a sort of cooling tool for the palette. To the sub-palettes!

#1 This is an example of what I meant by the cooling tool when you add the Igloo to the vibrant colors of Grape and Raspberry. This is a fresh, clean palette for sure!

#2 This is an interesting palette! A different take on "doing purple" for your wardrobe or home. That Mandarin/Igloo mix plays off well against the other two cooler colors.

#3 This is a sophisticated pastel palette! I'm now big on pastels, but I really like this one! In fact, I'm going use this palette this week- and I don't usually work in pastels! And that will mean that I have to go shopping for something to wear with it as well...WHEEEE!

xoxo, syn