This week I mixed 3 of the new Souffle colors with Souffle Canary in 1:1 mixes. Canary can usually hold it's own in mixes, so I wasn't too worried about losing it. I WAS super surprised with the first mix of Mandarin and Canary - I expected something practically glowing from that bright combo, but instead, I got a lovely golden color - quite grown up and sophisticated - kind of like the older sister of the two colors. The Grape mix gave me a cool neutral beige while the Raspberry/Canary mix gave me a more subtle version of a Mandarin color.

What about the sub-palettes?

#1 Okay, I love these colors together. Wouldn't they look awesome against grey? Either in clothing or pillows on a grey couch?

#2 A bright and sunny palette for sure! I like how the Raspberry/Canary 1:1 mix anchors the two brighter colors well.

#3 Ohhh, my favorite - sophisticated Fall colors?

xoxo, syn