I've been mixing the new Souffle colors with the Premo Accents Pearls, but I thought it might be a good idea to mix them with their Souffle teammates. So this month, I'm mixing Mandarin, Grape and Raspberry with existing Souffle colors, starting with Cinnamon this week.

Now it's no secret that you can Ochre pretty much any color by mixing Cinnamon into it, but I got a couple of surprises right of the mix bat this week. Look at that Grape/Cinnamon 1:1. If that were a wine, I would drink it! It's yummy, rich, classy and intriguing - sounds like I'm writing about a wine too! I also love the rich orange color of the Mandarin/Cinnamon. And how about that Coral color from the Raspberry/Cinnamon mix? Now there is a color for Summer!

Okay, sub-palettes:

#1 This is a fun, bright, happy combo of colors. They would make a great hat band (Hmmmmmm...) or how about a jaunty bracelet for a black or white dress?

#2 For the wine lovers in my neighborhood! These colors, just marbled together, would make great wine bottle coasters. Maybe add a touch of Premo Accents Gold to the mix to up the richness.

#3 These are the colors of my office! I just looked up and saw them..