NOV NCT 2017-2So Fluorescent.. not normally my cup of tea, but they ARE fun to mix with! And this week I mixed with Premo Orange and I love every one of these mixes!  And I love them all together as well.  I want to paint my walls with these colors, dress in these colors, clay in these colors!  Oh! and look at these colors combined with the colors from last week!  I've posted Week 1 down below as well.  Peacock Pearl took a dive into the Fluorescents.

I keep one of the Premo Accents Multipacks around because I love those little 1 oz bars of clay for quick mixers - including the Fluorescent Pink and Yellow!  Just a little will really POP a color for you.



[caption id="attachment_32205" align="alignleft" width="300"]Nov. NCT Week One Nov. NCT Week One[/caption]