NOV NCT 2017-4Well, this was a surprise!  Fluorescent Pink hardly affected the Souffle Cherry Pie at ALL!  I do like that 1:1 mix though, it reminds me of a rose color. I also really like the straight Fluorescent Pink and the straight Cherry Pie together as well.  And I like them with the grey background, so Souffle Concrete or Rhino Grey (long time obsession with this color because I can't figure it OUT!)

Now the Fluorescent Yellow and Cherry Pie shows a dramatic difference.  That 1:1 color is almost a brick color and that last mix is a really interesting color - orange? neutral?  This color would look amazing with Premo Burnt Sienna or Souffle Cowboy - maybe with a hint of Premo Turquoise or Souffle Sea Glass? (I would lighten the Sea Glass with a little Pistachio).



So are you wondering where the Glitter Golds stand with these colors?  You can make a really pretty raspberry glitter color by mixing the Fluorescent Pink with the Premo Accents White Glitter Gold!  I'm not a pink girl, but I like this combo. I also like it with the regular White Glitter Gold!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!  Get all that food off the table so you can get back to claying!

xoxo, syn