Apparently, I was confused last week and thought that it was the last week in November.  Right?  Not like the month hasn't flown by anyway..

So here is Pt 3 masquerading at Pt 4-1/2:

NOV NCT 2017-3First thing I noticed was how similar these mixes were to the Peacock Pearl mix.  I thought it was surprising because, well, you know Peacock Pearl - it can throw some REAL curve balls into color mixing (as in, suddenly shifting green instead of blue).  The thing that really impressed me about mixing with the Cobalt Blue is that the mixed colors look a little more brighter than the Peacock mixes.  I love every one of these mixes.  Is it me, or is that 2CB/1FY going into the old Sea Green territory? Maybe a splash of Black and we'd be there?  Well, of course I love all the greens, but I surprised myself by really liking the purples as well.  That 8FP/1CB looks a lot like Souffle Turnip (one of my favs).

Next month is my favorite month because I get to pick my favorite mixes from the year.  You know me, I have a hard time picking just 4, so we'll see how many I sneak in!

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