Yeah, try and pick just ONE of these mixes as your favorite! After about 3 weeks of looking at them, fondling them, letting them fall through my fingers like golden coins, I've decided that I love the Sculpey III (S3) Teal Pearl mix the most.


NCT Aug 2015-3bOnce again, Row #2 is mixed 4 parts of Opal to 1 part of color and Row#3 is mixed 8 parts of Opal to 1 part of color.


That Premo! Ultra Marine would make an excellent Milky Way effect for a night sky wouldn't it? The Souffle Robin Egg is also pretty in both mixes..hmmm, I might be changing my mind AGAIN about my favorite!!!



Just another view to see how they stack up!  See you next Tuesday!  --syndee holt

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