Wow, last NCT post for the year and the DECADE! Six years of NCTs and there are still colors to mix!!

Souffle Pistachio is my Wild Card Mixer - You just never know what color it's going to create. I'm in love with that Mandarin/Pistachio rich Maize color, but I like that kind of watermelon color created by the Souffle Raspberry and Pistachio. And the mauve-ish color that is the Souffle Grape and Pistachio? I really, really like all 3 sub-palettes as well. I would really kind of like to have my bedroom in that #3 palette.

There is a NEW look coming for the presentation of NCT for 2020. And don't forget that I have a GIANT NCT mix that I'll show off in my Facebook Live event on January 15th!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (and I promise that I have a New Years resolution to NOT use CAPS so much! lol)

xoxo, syn