Yeah, I love me some ochered colors so I thought I would follow last months pastels with some rich colors. I have to say, I mixed so many colors that I loved that I was like, “This one! No, wait, THIS one! OMG What is THAT color?”

Please note that these aren’t my usual 1:1 mixes but two parts of the Souffle color mixed with one part of the Souffle Cinnamon.

There are about 15 sub-palettes I could pull from this week’s mix alone…but these were my three favorites, but it was HARD to get to three.

#1 YES! I love these colors so much! That Cinnamon/Guava is such a popular color for Spring – I remember seeing it all over the stores (remember when we could to INTO the stores?) I always love that maize tone that the Canary/Cinnamon makes. You can create so many really nice soft yellows to golden tones by altering that 2:1 mix to 1:1, 3:1, 4:1 – even 1 part Canary to 2 parts Cinnamon, etc. Oh! And how surprised were you that Grape and Cinnamon made a gorgeous rich wine color?

#2 Even though I really like that wine color in the first mix, I do really like the lighter feel that Guava adds to the two other mixed colors.

#3 Okay, let’s go all into the red family here. Wouldn’t this palette look gorgeous against one of the soft pink fabrics this Spring? Hmm, I have a Pajama top in the very color I’m thinking about. I might have to make something to wear with it!

Check out these pieces I made with the scraps of the Guava/Cinnamon mix that I made!

xoxo, syn