Ah now, we have some Spring/Summer colors here! I am fascinated at how boldly Souffle Canary mixes with other colors.  And I have a new color crush - Guava.  In the package it looks a little to blah pink, but it's magic once it's baked.  I don't think it shifts color, but it like solidifies maybe???? To this really nice warm pink that reminds me of ginger on my sushi plate.

I love the 3 colors with Canary - Jade, Guava, Robin Egg - what cheery colors for a outdoor space or for jewelry against a white top!  And look at those 1:1 mixes - luscious greens and a wonderful maize yellow that I want to use with EVERYTHING..

So let's look at the subpalettes:

Ahh, that Robin Egg, Jade and Jade/Canary 1:1 is so soothing and cool.  Colors I want in my bedroom in the Summer (and I do have those colors - hate them in the Winter, but love them in the longer days of Summer)

And not surprising - I switch more to that last palette of Robin Egg, Canary and Robin Egg/Canary 1:1 in the Winter months when I find that the cooler palette annoys me.    That final sub-palette of Robin Egg-Guava and Guava/Canary 1:1 just screams to be silkscreened on!

As always, my  NCT color mix archive  can be found at: https://www.sculpey.com/project/mixing-colors/

xoxo, syn