Wow, I didn't know when I picked that title that April would actually be the "January 96th".  My heart goes out to all those caught up in the huge storms this week!  It really makes those of us in the sunshine states feel guilty (like, why am I inside writing on my computer when I should be outside?).

Well, this week, I mixed with Souffle Igloo when I realized that I almost never use a white in my NCT mixes.  As you know Souffle Jade is my new color crush and Souffle Guava is rapidly shoving Jade aside.  I am so fascinated at how it subtly changes when baked from bubblegum(ish) pink to a warm pink - almost a ginger color!  Premo Accents Copper is also one of my recent color crushes and is still out on my table constantly - it hasn't been relegated back to the clay closet yet.  Part of the reason is how nicely it plays with other colors in mixes.  Even though the Copper seems like a gentle color,  I'm always surprised at how strong it shows up in the mixes.  I am LOVING these 1:1 mixes!  That 1:1 palette is so rich and feels so retro to me that I adore it.  That deep green and warm copper color are my kind of color - I want to rub it against my cheeks - and I can just imagine what they would look like with Peacock Pearl in the palette.  And that Igloo/Copper?  Want a neutral with a big of sparkle?  Here you go!

Now let's look at my 3 sub-palettes:

All three of these just reek of sunshine and suntan oil to me. But there are subtle season shifts I see as well.  The Jade-Copper-Guava feels like a Winter-spring palette. The Jade-Copper/Igloo 1:1-Copper/Guava 1:1 sub palette feels like a Summer palette showing of a tan. And the Guava-Guava/Copper 1:1-Jade/Copper 1:1 feels like Autumn to me.  I would love to have that Autumn palette in my bedroom in Fall/Winter and switch to the Jade-Copper-Guava in Summer.  I would absolutely wear everyone of these colors as a bracelet as well. (Hmmm, that's an idea!)

As always, my  NCT color mix archive  can be found at:

xoxo, syn