The week was an interesting experiment.  I took the three Souffle colors that have captured my Squirrel!-like attention lately and mixed them with Premo Accents Silver (another color that I tend to forget about). All three of the mixes are beautiful and elegant.  The Silver toned down the "hey look at me" portion of the Souffle color and made it into a kind of silvery moonlight version of it.  That's IT!  I'm calling this the Moonlight palette..

Now the sub-palettes:  While the 3 original 1:1 mixes together is my favorite, I do like these different takes below.  That Sea Glass/Silver- Silver-Guava/Silver is an interesting take on the red/white/blue combination. The Jade-Guava-Guava/Silver feels later Summer to me and the Sea Glass-Guava-Silver is a different take on a Spring palette.

As always, my  NCT color mix archive  can be found at:

xoxo, syn