Me Likey!  These are some different greens from the usual verdant grass green. That first mix of Guava and Bright Green Pearl looks like brass!  The middle mix is a lovely Lime Green mix with a hint of metallics in hit.  the 3 base colors with the addition of the Bright Green Pearl is an awesome palette too!  Kind of a hipper take on the nursery colors of pink, yellow, blue and green.

So let's look at the sub-palettes:

#1 - Those colors are very on point for home decor right now.  I'm really glad to see green being incorporated into the home again - it's been banished to a desert island the last couple of years.  These 3 colors in velvet - yummy!  That Sea Glass/B.Green Pearl 1:1 for the velvet couch (disclaimer here - I DO have a Lime Green velvet couch!).  The Canary/B.Green Pearl 1:1 for the two side chairs.  And the Guava for the accent color in the pillows.  I would love to hang out in that room, wouldn't you?

#2- Oh yeah - the darker beach colors.  I love these colors together.  Again, the couch, now the Sea Glass for the side chair and the B. Green Pearl pillows.  In jewelry, this is a killer combination for earrings!

#3 Mokume Gane for sure.  Bedroom or bathroom colors - YES!  I want stacked bracelets in these colors, don't you?

As always, my  NCT color mix archive  can be found at:

xoxo, syn