Now this was an interesting color palette when I teamed these cool Souffle colors with Premo! Accents Gold - I got a mid-century modern color palette in the 1:1 mixes and some of the sub palettes! (and I LOVE me some mid-century modern). First off, that 1:1 mix of Guava and Gold make a warm, rich gold that reminds me of Sunset Gold Pearl Ex (my fav).  The Sea Glass/Gold 1:1 mix has subtle sparkles from the Gold and I would love a refrigerator in that color (hmmm, could I cover my fridge?)Gold brought such a warmth to these colors, I will have to experiment with adding like a quarter of the Gold and see if I can get the warmth without a massive color change.

Now to the sub palettes!

#1 Guava/Sea Glass/Guava-Gold is my favorite,  favorite for this entire month! Spring, Summer, even on a black dress in Fall or Winter.  Love, love this one!

#2 My couch is kind of that Sea Glass/Gold 1:1 mix and my pillows pick up the Guava and Sea Glass tones. Great colors to decorate with - especially against all the white tones that we see now in room design. These colors will add warmth to the room.

#3 I kind like that bold punch of Turnip/Gold 1:1 in this soft pastel palette.  But then I'm a punchy kinda gal!

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xoxo, syn