Yeah, I admit it, I get obsessed with a color from time to time (okay, ALL THE TIME).  Right now it's Souffle Guava - a regular pink in the package that somehow transforms to a warm pink when cured (although it doesn't actually change color).  And look how nice it looks with the  18% grey background.  I'm also currently obsessed with 25% grey which is a lightly darker grey, so the Guava really pops against that as well.   I thought I would start the month with three of the bright cheery colors in the Souffle palette and then add a fourth bright color and see what happens.  Look at that Guava/Pistachio 1:1 mix - what a lovely soft golden color!  And the green next to it! Fresh Spring.  Canary and Pistachio 1:1 made kind of a brighter version of Key Lime that I will certainly use with my dirty steel color!  Guava continues to surprise me when I mix it!

Lets look at the sub palettes:

#1 has the beautiful calming colors I love in the Summer. They also make me crave lemonade for some reason.  #2 is my typical bouncy warm colors that I adore.  Did you notice that the Robin Egg/Pistachio 1:1 mix looks like a cool green in the #1 palette and a warm green in the #2? Magic!  #3 is just the right balance and warm and cool tones with the Robin Egg anchoring the brighter colors.

As always, my  NCT color mix archive  can be found at:

xoxo, syn