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New Color Tuesday- Am I Going GREY?

My Happy Place is at the intersection of Texture and Color - so what the heck am I doing crushing on Souffle Concrete?  I attribute part of it to the face that Concrete is almost a perfect 18% grey.  All my photo training revolved around 18% grey.  We would set up a scene and then hold an 18% grey card in the scene and, using our handheld light meters, meter the card.  Exposure was always based around 18% grey.  Today's camera phones still meter for 18% grey, which is why you have such difficulty trying to photograph your work on a white background. Your photo will most likely have dull, sodden colors on your clay and a light grey background. (On MOST camera phones, you can touch the screen directly over your clay piece and it will either correct the exposure or a sliding scale will pop up allowing you to lighten the image.)

OKAY, enough about 18% grey - let's talk Concrete.  I wanted to see what would happen if I mixed Concrete into other colors, particular vibrant colors.  Let me put it this way, there are 4 weeks in this month and I have NARROWED it down to 7 mixes for you.  Yes, I got carried away - I was absolutely fascinated with how it interacted with other colors and particularly with the metallic clays.

NCTSep1_6So what got me started on mixing with Concrete?  I was at a retreat and I wanted a light silvery color to transfer onto.  I didn't have any silver clay, but I had Concrete and premo! Accents Pearl.  Normally, I use premo! Accents Silver and Pearl mixed together to get a light (brighter) silver, so I thought "What the Heck? Let's try it."  (See how that Concrete circle on the top almost matches the roughly 18% grey background?) I really loved the results - I got a light silvery color with hints of the metallics and a surface that was a great blend of the two clays (the best of both!). That 2:1 mix was exactly what I was hoping for and I'll use it again for transfers!

NCTSep1 Next up, a color - Souffle Sea Glass. I love every single one of these color mixes.  I see these colors combined with a soft peach, maybe a vibrant purple? I think the grey isn't really neutralizing any of the teal colors, but it is creating sort of a range of icy teal colors?


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