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New Color Tuesday - Am I Going Gray? Pt 4

Do you have a color that you respond to emotionally?  There are so many ways that can happen - a color can make you feel happy, energetic, serene, calm, even bored.  This week I mixed a color that I have an emotional response to that is quite different from any other color I respond to.  This one makes me feel classy, like I'm hold precious art in my hand with it's just a sheet of blank clay.

nctsep1_9Lemme start at the beginning.  I'm creating mixes with Souffle Concrete this month and I started mixing "regular" colors and then doing what I call "off mixing" with metallics to see what happened before I did the full mix.  Those worked pretty well, so I pulled out one of my "free radicals" - Yellow Gold Glitter.  I never know what is going to happen, so these "free radicals" are my treats for doing the more mundane mixes.  But I really didn't expect much - mixing grey with a glittery light gold color?  Not afraid to say it, I got chills with the 1:1 mix.  The 2:1 mix made me feel like I was holding something precious in my hands.


nctsep1 I could NOT WAIT to transfer on it!  No gelli plate, no anything but transfer ink and that color.  It's like the most glamorous neutral I've ever seen.  Don't want to be locked into a gold or a silver?  How about this mix?

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