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New Color Tuesday-Am I Going Gray? Pt 2

nctsep1_2I'm still in shock over what happened in these mixes this month!  The Souffle Concrete has stepped up to the Mix Plate like a major league hitter. (YES, I *know* it's now football season, but baseball is my game).

Red and grey- who would think that that blend would products such beautiful, soft colors? That 1:1 mix with Latte and Cowboy? OH! Oh! How about Key Lime and that 1:1 and Cowboy? (NOTE: Key Lime is basically Latte and Canary mixed 1:1)

And on the Concrete/premo! Accents side - check out this mix of premo! Accents Gold with Souffle Concrete.  I just love the way the Souffle spreads the micas across the mixes for a very soft sheen.  That 1:1 mix is a great Brass/Antique Gold mix!


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